Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Ons maak #eintliknogalbaie Movies!!!

I recently got involved in a Feature film production as Line Producer for Eintlik Nogal Baie.
Here are some behind the scenes images.

Taliah Sprucing up the Coffin

Ashmund AKA Burger enjoying his convertible

Yours truly with Ashmund

Bruce AKA Dennis our continuity guru

The Ninja Art department

The engine room with Mart-Marie and Dominique

Our infallible Grips

A tender moment with Marissa as she preps for an upcoming scene

Make-up/ Wardrobe and hair (Hannes and Anel)

The dark side of our Director - Jacques 

King of his castle - Zak

Yup... that's me

Devil on my shoulder

Andre Lotter admiring the Ronin kit

A girl cannot even brush her teeth on peace here :-p

David Hawkins - The MMWC as far as sound goes doing his thing.

DOP Justus de Jager and Jaques making sure it;s PERFECT

Suzanne getting into character as Jay's Mom.

Up-up and away!!

Andre surveying the scene

Elsabie bringing her usual bubly self and an upbeat spirit to the set

The Gentle Giant (Thomas) sharing a moment with Mart-Marie

Yup we got to eat too

Jacques, Mart-Marie and Isabelle

Our fearless eaders (jacques and Jarrod)

Who said lighting a bar was a simple task?