Wednesday, 21 January 2015

RWL Story Creation (Part 1 - The Logo)

The 1st thing about creating your story is getting the look and feel right.

After having visited the offices of RWL attorneys and getting a feel for the company's ethos I played with a couple of variations on the themes. SOLID, Stable, Approachable, Historical.

This design is based on the company ethos I felt when I walked into the offices.
A bold, modern, no-nonsense  approach. I took the logo that was on the wall, merged the blocks into the connecting line and then added the roman numerals 1948 to show the history of the company. Showing a modern company that is well grounded in its past.
This logo speaks to me of a Modern, Professional company whose reputation is one of integrity.
Having read the company manifesto I concluded that the company is one that has its fingers on the pulse of its clients. 
They listen to their clients hearts and, like in medical practice, “place the needs of their clients first and would rather deliver value service”. 
I also felt that a company with this history needs to show that and so have included the est. 1948, bringing with it a sense of certainty, and consistency like that of a solid healthy heart beat.
I could not get away from the fact that this company is nearly 70 years old and so I went for a solid classical look. This Logo speaks to me of class, history and professionalism.